Feasibilty study for a new soil improvement technology

The company ENDERS Engineering GmbH presents a modular concept, consist of a compact modular incineration plant in combination with full automated sorting plant, which is operated before burning. With this modular plant it is possible to produce recycables, electric and thermal energy.

Commissioning of the classifier- and washing plant for processing incineration ash, spend railway ballast, waste glas, rubble, litter, spend of filter- and foundry sand, sand from sewage treatment plant etc.

Commissioning of a large solar plant in Ohrdruf, Germany

The company ENDERS Engineering GmbH is working in research and development of new technologies for the waste management for countries without an existing of many years grown recycling- and waste management industry. The goal is to develop suitable waste disposal and recycling facilities in combination with training programs. The focus will include the improvement of sanitation, the production of energy and valued resources.
Furthermore ENDERS Engineering GmbH develped new processing technology for environmental oriented agriculture which will coming in use 2012.

The company ENDERS Engineering GmbH apply for a patent for treatment of organic waste.

Technical design and construction of a plant to produce industrial filler

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